What is Keuken ?

KEUKEN is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street-inspired culture.

Along with the burgeoning notions, we also enhance the festivity with lists of professional cooks and chefs, music performers and DJs, and engaged communities which we gladly invite for collaboration.

Being an elaborated festival of food and simply culture, KEUKEN also wishes to spread wide ideas on how diversity could be unified –and educated—simply with food: diverse culture and popular subculture,  information on nutrition, also with rural and urban issues. Anything. Showcasing eateries with thematically-curated food stalls in our main event would also brought various education and diversion contents.

Revisiting The River

It’s been five years since our first edition, The Magnificent Cowbarn, held on East Cikapundung River, Bandung. It was the first step of our dream to activate public spaces and reclaim the street becuase people tend to ignore them and went to places like cafe, resto, or mall. 

Now everything has changed. The river has become a great area to hang out, to create some events,to express, or simply to take selfies or make some laughs with your closest ones. Such a genuinepleasure for us.

Along with burgeoning notions, in this edition, we intend to revisit the river, recalling the good times and ensuring it to be constantly improving and convenient for everyone. We also want to encourage people to continue to maintain, beautify, and build the city. It’s always gratifying to see ourenvironment is getting better, isn’t it?